Maxhaust Active Sound System Complete Set

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  • The Maxhaust system simulates a large-volume engine (V6 / V8) via external loudspeakers and gives your vehicle a special sound characteristic that cannot be achieved with a conventional exhaust system.
  • Perfect sound can be operated via its own app and in parallel via the original vehicle buttons.
  • LED status display on the soundbooster and diagnosis via app for easy installation.
  • The pipe section, which can be rotated 360 °, enables simple and individual adaptation to the vehicle.

Control and profile setting

  • Any number of profiles can be created.
  • Profile change takes place:
    • Via smartphone app (Apple and Android)
    • Via original vehicle buttons such as cruise control, ESP etc.
    • Via accelerator pedal position (kickdown) **


  • Unlimited sound profiles possible
  • Finally completely new sounds!
  • Our sound module has several sounds to choose from.
  • Up to four actuators.
    • Whether outside, inside or in the engine compartment. Perfect sound in every position.
  • Adaptation of profiles, maps and sounds via the app via Bluetooth
  • Operation via app and vehicle buttons
  • Volume of idle adjustable separately
  • Speed-dependent volume
  • Load-dependent volume
  • Engine start support
  • Troubled run
  • Misfire
  • Equalizer function: bass, treble, intensity
  • Speed adjustment of the stand and driving noise
  • Demo mode
  • Remote product customization and diagnostics via the app
  • Install free software updates conveniently via the app
  • No limit on downloads when changing vehicles
  • S. save the configuration before an update

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